Steinberg SuperPluto Lady

Steinberg SKU: 103345
Steinberg SuperPluto Lady
Steinberg SuperPluto Lady
Steinberg SuperPluto Lady

Steinberg SuperPluto Lady

Steinberg SKU: 103345
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Steinberg SuperPluto Lady

Steinberg SuperPluto Woman is a very comfortable and resistant woman caving suit!

Made of two-way stretch cordura 500, similar in fineness to a static cordura 300, it adapts to every movement, even the most twisted, giving you unprecedented freedom. The incredible tear and wear resistance of this material is also given by the filaments woven with the “rip-stop” method. Furthermore, having a tighter fit than non-stretch suits reduces the risk of getting caught on some spikes. And if for some bad reason you get a hole thanks to the type of fabric, the hole does not widen.

Every detail is not left to chance: the external velcro closure and the large internal pocket are without sealing seams exposed to wear, there is an external pocket and zipper on the crotch so that the suit can open up to the back.

Bi-Elastic Materials

The huge advantage of using a bi-elastic caving suit is that you have maximum freedom of movement. A suit made with a bi-elastic fabric can be very close-fitting, being the movement guaranteed by the stretch of the fabric. It almost feels like being undressed, and if it doesn't seem like it, it could be the under-suit that prevents you from moving. Therefore, it will not be necessary to wear suits one or two sizes larger in order
not to feel clumsy in movement, risking getting stuck entangled in every little roughness in the tight passages. Finally, by stretching your leg, you will reach the far grips without having to exert yourself too much. It will be less tiring to lift the handle with each step while rope climbing a, the suit will not hinder it. The pits will seem shorter... Or think about when you're climbing, it will certainly be much easier. You no
longer need spending an enormous amount of energy just overcoming the resistance of the fabric and therefore you will be less tired during long cave tours. All of this will most likely change the way you move in a cave.

Two types of fabric are available. A light one for those who want maximum freedom and a heavier one for those who want to feel more protected. Both fabrics are woven with the "rip-stop" method, and this makes them very strong. Even when you rip them, the holes don't get bigger. The heavy fabric is almost indestructible, "suit-breakers" speleo-proof... The resin finish is the same in both suits. Heavy fabric being thicker will absorb more water when it gets wet. SuperCharon is slow to dry; the SuperPluto, on the other
hand, is very fast.


The size of the suits is calculated by measuring the chest under the armpits, e
above the breast for women, and dividing it by 2. Do not wear thick clothing.

For Super Pluto sizes: chest 82 = XXS, 88 = XS, 94 = S, 100 = M, 106 = L, 112 = XL, 118 = XXL, 124 = XXXL

steinberg cave suit sizing guide - inner mountain outfitters

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