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StenLight S7 Premium Headlamp System

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

Includes S7 Premium Headlamp, Battery, and Charger. This does not include a bracket for mounting. You will need an MSA bracket or a Sten headband

Uses top-grade Luxeon Rebel LED's which are 40% brighter than the 07 Stenlights and nearly 100% more efficient than the earliest S7 Stenlights.  The StenLight S7 Premium is a high powered LED lamp designed especially for the hostile caving environment. Mud, water, and shock-resistant, the S7 was designed by cavers to address the shortcomings of conventional cave lamps. Key Features: Brightest portable LED light available. Uses Luxeon Rebel LED's. Extremely long LED life (>20,000 hours) Solid state and shock-resistant, no breakable filament or gas-filled tubes. Flicker-free all-analog control circuit provides current regulation at all brightness levels for constant brightness. Operates off any 6 to 18 volt DC power source. High electrical and optical efficiency make the most of your batteries (96% electrical efficiency from 7.2V, 93% from 12V). Compact, rugged anodized aluminum case. Lightweight -- under 125 grams. Long throw, high durability magnetic switch. Water-resistant up to 25 feet (no moving parts penetrate the sealed lamp body). Smooth, optimized beam pattern with user-swappable lens options. Temperature limiting to prevent overheating of LEDs or exterior. Four logarithmic brightness levels. Swivel bracket supports easy adjustment of a wide range of vertical angles. The StenLight S7 uses a high-efficiency all-analog control circuit that regulates LED current in all brightness modes, and limits itself to a safe temperature by reducing LED current when necessary. The magnetically controlled switch has 5 clearly-defined positions that are separated to avoid accidentally switching the unit off. The switch has no moving parts inside the lamp body, and is fail safe, if the switch is destroyed or the magnet lost, the unit defaults to the LOW setting, which is still bright enough for you to find your way.

Product Reviews

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  1. Dependable and bright!

    Posted by FTBAS on 27th Oct 2014

    Love my new sten light! Nice to have a light you actually have to turn down instead of wishing you had more. FTBAS.

  2. Highly Recommend with Caveats

    Posted by GregS on 15th Feb 2014

    I have caved with my S7 Premium for maybe 5 years and expect to continue using it indefinitely. The light is very bright and the small batteries last forever. I regularly use the light for 8-10 hour stretches without changing batteries while using the second-highest setting. By stepping down when possible, you can do a 16-hour trip without changing batteries. This is one of my favorite features!

    The light has stood up to water, mud, and ceiling conks. However, the lead coming out of the headlamp has shorted twice. Fortunately, you can easily dissemble the light and replace the cable - IF you are carrying one. If you buy the light, buy a spare cable! Sten says the problem is solved, which is due to wire wiggling where it enters headlamp and breaking, but time will tell.

    You should also add a strong elastic band to hold the battery on the back of your helmet. The velcro is not sufficient, but the same issue applies to many lights.

    Lastly, I also use the light on my bicycle commute and mount it to handlebars. Excellent bike light... entirely waterproof and very reliable.

  3. Great light, but the chargers are poorly designed

    Posted by Doug Duncan on 30th Dec 2013

    This is a great light in the cave especially because of its compact size and fantastic battery life. Other lights are brighter or have better peripheral light, but the size, light weight, and ease of use tip the balance for me.

    The Velcro for attaching the battery pack is not secure, though, because the adhesive is prone to fail.

    More importantly, and unfortunately, the chargers are poorly designed. The biggest problem is that both the 120V and 12V chargers are standard issue and use a connector/adapter cable to hook up to the unusual AMP connector on the StenLight battery. The two chargers share a single adapter, which means you have to change it from one to the other, depending on which you are using. This is inconvenient. Plus, if you lose the adapter cable (which happened to me), you can’t use either charger. Worse, you will find out that Stenlight doesn’t sell a replacement, rendering your chargers useless.

    Next problem came when I bought a pack of AMP connectors to replace the useless connectors on my two chargers. I emailed StenLight customer support to double check the polarity but never received a reply. So zero stars for customer support.

    A minor problem that could be a nasty surprise if you are relying only on the 12V charger is that it contains a fuse. If you blow the fuse you will find that the markings on the fuse are unreadable, so you don’t know what replacement to buy.

    The good news is that I have now modified my 120V charger with the AMP connector hard-wired in – no adapter cable to lose anymore. I also bought a Scallywag 12V charger from Custom Duo, which comes with the proper AMP connector attached – no separate adapter cable needed – and also has charging status indicator lights.
    My bottom line is why have such a great light and then use chargers of substandard design? For the price, more is expected.

  4. Solid light but...

    Posted by Jason Toney on 3rd Apr 2013

    I have had my Sten since jan 30, 2012. Great, solid, bright caving light. The only problem I have had is the cable from the headlamp has shorted out twice in the one year I have used my Sten. The angle of the up and down swivel seems to work the wire loose from the circuit it connects to on the inside of the headlamp, that can leave you in the dark.

  5. Most Popular Caving Light For A Reason

    Posted by Kyle G. on 21st Feb 2013

    An amazingly durable light. The S7 Premium is super bright and has amazing battery life to boot. However I did find the spot pattern to be a little too focused.

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