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  • StenLight Cable Replacement

StenLight Cable Replacement

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 This kit is intended for the S7 and the S7 Premium.

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  1. Easy fix for broken headlight wire

    Posted by Dick LaForge on 15th Dec 2014

    I love my Stenlight. It gives plenty of light, with 4 settings, and is very waterproof. Its weakness seems to be the cable coming out of it. After a lot of flexing the wires in it can fatigue and break, resulting in intermittent light or none at all. Cavers now seem to be going to self-contained lights which have no cables.
    Perhaps if I was reviewing the Sten light itself, I'd give it less than 5 stars for having this problem. But I'm reviewing the cable replacement and give it 5 because it's very easy to change cables. The kit comes with the 1/16 inch allen wrench required to remove the back (just two screws) and then you just unplug the old cable and plug in the new one. Easily done in the field (or even in cave), though I'd suggest replacing the cable at home if any flickering is happening, or every few years, and avoid unnecessarily flexing the cable when in use. I suspect most flexing happens when the light is in your pack or suitcase getting bounced about.
    The kit comes with a spare ball and o-ring for the switch detent, and a little sealing gasket for the socket, but it's not essential to replace these if you are doing a field repair.
    A caution.. it might be that this easy cable swap is not possible on very early models.
    So why do I still love my Stenlight? Because I can power it with any battery source, meaning one much larger than the 2 or 3 AA or AAA cells that the self-contained ones use. I've mounted the 6 AA cell pack on the back of my helmet, and that's good for many days of caving or working under a house. Also, because it's paid for.

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