BG Gear Sqwurel V4

BG Gear SKU: 102755
BG Gear Sqwurel V4
BG Gear Sqwurel V4
BG Gear Sqwurel V4
BG Gear Sqwurel V4
BG Gear Sqwurel V4
BG Gear Sqwurel V4

BG Gear Sqwurel V4

BG Gear SKU: 102755
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BG Gear Sqwurel V4

Version 4 of the SQWUREL has been improved adding a few valuable features, all packed into the same small form factor of the Sqwurel 3.  Canyoneers on the lighter side will appreciate the modified throat geometry that now offers smooth rappeling during double rope rappels (even those of us who are not so small, or light will have a much-improved double rope experience with version 4).   The carabiner hole has been enlarged slightly to accommodate larger carabiners while at the same time the groove that holds the O-ring has been made tighter, so the O-ring now grabs the carabiner a little tighter than it used to (a little bit of the best of both worlds here).  The behemoth tab has been extended to offer a more secure hold of the rope while also adding a progress capture option to tighten guided rappel lines.  Also added are 4 wrenches of 11mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm that will fit most rapid sizes you will find in canyon.  The rapid wrenches allow tightening and loosening stubborn rapids that are too tight for bare hands.  

The unique tail of the Sqwurel provides economy of movement while making friction adjustments on-the-fly with minimal hand movement.  The economy of movement makes shifting gears quick, easy and intuitive.

 The obvious benefit of on-the-fly friction adjustment is during long rappels where friction can be easily adjusted at any time to meet current demands.  On-the-fly friction adjustment shines in other less-talked-about areas too.  A few examples:
Start with minimal friction to downclimb into an awkward start, then increase the friction once over the edge.
Start with maximum friction to swing over to a far-out-awkwardly-placed anchor, then decrease the friction to begin your descent.
Momentarily reduce friction to cross a long horizontal section or pothole, then increase the friction again to continue the next stage.
Adjust the friction as needed while lowering a load.

Colors are back!! I was able to source anodizing at a reasonable cost.  Many people asked for colors to come back and here they are!  FYI the Honey Badger color is difficult to photograph since how it looks depends on the light it is in.  I direct sunlight it takes on a silver look and looks close to raw aluminum but in lower light like in the shade, heavy cloud cover or indoors it is a subdued gold color.  The color shifting appearance of Honey Badger makes it a very interesting color but is difficult to photograph.


  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.86 ounces / 109.4g
  • Dimensions: 6.145 x 3.128 x 0.375 inches / 156.06 x 79.451 x 9.53mm
  • Rope Diameters: 8mm to 11mm (single Rope use). 8mm to 9mm (double rope use).
  • Patent number:  US 9636526

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