BFCM 2023

All orders that meet or exceed a predetermined amount will qualify for a Gift Voucher that will be automatically added to your cart and will be sent to the email on file after checking out. See order and voucher amounts below:
Spend $100, You get $25
Spend $250, You get $50
Spend $500, you get $100
Promotion lasts until Midnight, December 10th
Promotion Terms and Conditions:
Gift Card promotion only valid when meeting the terms of the sale.  Returns that prevent the terms of the sale from being met will result in the deduction of the gift card amount from the refund or deactivation of the gift card.  The terms of the promotion will be honored for new orders that are made to replace returns for up to 30 days of the original sale (i.e. returned a Titan Man Large Red Suit, placed a new order for Titan Man Medium Blue Suit).  Replacement orders in combination with the original order, minus any returns, must meet the promotion terms and conditions.  Return requests should be emailed to  Returns will be refunded upon receipt.  Replacement orders should be received before a return is processed in order to meet the terms of the promotion. The promotional gift card may not be used as a payment method for replacement items.