PMI HIRA Women's Rope Access Harness

PMI SKU: 102738

PMI HIRA Women's Rope Access Harness

PMI SKU: 102738
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PMI HIRA Women's Rope Access Harness


  • Two Sizes
  • Mini-Gear Loops for Independent Attachments
  • Comfort Seat Mounting Loops
  • Breech Support Anatomical Workseat
  • Quick Release Safety Buckle attaches top to bottom
  • Foundationally Integrated Strap System
  •  Quick-Link Attachment
  • Shaped Gear Loops
  • Designed following women anatomy
  • Contoured Hip Angle Narrower at the waist and flared at the hip to conform to a woman’s body
  • Reduced Height Front Risers keep the harness waist belt from coming up too high on the woman’s body and maintains the leg loops in position


This harness is designed to follow anatomy of the wearer. The Silhouette Waist belt of this harness has few differences. Contoured Hip Angle Narrower at the waist and flared at the hip to conform to a woman’s body, so that it rides low and secure on the bony structure. Fem-Curve profile that gently curved waist belt silhouette doesn’t dig in below the ribs. Furthermore, it has Reduced Height Front Risers so, front leg loop risers are only 4.5” from bottom of waist belt to top of leg loop – the shorter rise keeps the harness waist belt from coming up too high on the woman’s body and maintains the leg loops in position. Hira harness is well-suited for many job types and environments. Modern anatomical design of this harness with high attention to detail for comfort and features allows you to wear this harness all day long while working at height. Hira harness leg loops are free-floating rather than fixed at the seat pad, allowing them to self-adjust as the wearer moves, automatically adjusting leg girth and seat height. Front leg loop risers are of a narrow fabric, reducing bulk and weight as well as keeping them out of the way. Leg loop release buckles are positioned proximally to the front risers, allowing the leg loops to be released and dropped easily. Built-in shaped, padded seat pads cradle the leg comfortably to form a built-in workseat that naturally lifts the legs into an ergonomic, seated position. Shoulder/Chest harness is secured at front so that it hugs the torso for maximum support. Modified Shoulder/Chest harness form improves fit and comfort for shoulders reducing stress from neck and shoulders. Chest ascender retainer mounts with a releasable buckle for easy donning and doffing. Foundational Integrated Strap System includes leg harness strap that flows directly to chest harness strap for maximum security. Quick-Link Attachment that is a secondary full strength connection point for chest ascender connection, isolates ascending system for more streamline usage. Soft plastic-coated gear loops hold their shape making gear easier to clip and sort.
This harness is ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014 made with high quality materials and designed to give you years of performance.




Weight N/A

Regular, Small


ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014


30”-42” Small, 34”-52” Regular


19”-36” Regular, 19”-36” Small

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