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5 Caving Adventures That Need Gear

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Anybody who hikes, climbs, or scales large features knows that there are two distinct categories of mountains, caves, and cliffs in the world. The ones that need gear and the ones that don’t. Beyond that, willpower and dedication will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

You know if you’ve already got the intangibles to do these high-endurance, high-risk activities, but if you want to take your game to the next level, then you’re going to have to take your conquests there. The following are a few of the world’s greatest caving feats and tips from people who’ve conquered them. If you decide you're ready to take them on, then trust Inner Mountain Outfitters for all your caving gear needs.


Krubera Cave, Georgia

In the country of Georgia lies one of the world’s most intense underground cave systems deep in the Caucasus Mountains. Even in this vast system, the Krubera Cave is exceptional. Krubera is the deepest cave in the world, so deep that we don’t know where it ends. Estimates vary on how deep the cave might be, but no one that we know of has made it to the end. At times, falling at almost a ninety-degree angle, you won’t get through this adventure without locking carabiners, climbing rope, harnesses, and bolts.

Son Dong Cave, Vietnam

The world's largest cave in terms of total area, Son Dong is an adventure that anyone can enjoy. This cave actually has other ecosystems occurring within it. There are jungles, grasslands, and even mountains with their own caves within them, like a Russian doll of ecosystems!

Topping off the Son Dong Cave for adventurers are cliffs that drop off almost 500 feet, each with their own surprises awaiting curious carabiners. However, you’ll need the proper climbing gear and guide to take on Son Dong safely.

Sima De La Cormisa, Spain

One of the deepest mountains in the world, it’s a great adventure for mountaineers and caving enthusiasts alike. Located in the Picos de Europa mountain range, this cave basically goes down into the middle of the mountain range. The cave appears in the midst of a mountain hike and is almost 5,000 feet deep, so some serious caving and mountaineering gear is needed, but if you’re up for a big adventure, you could cave down and then climb out and up!

The Easegill System

Part of the largest cave system in Britain, the Easegill system stretches over three counties and has about 40 miles of known passageways. Most of the system is reserved for those with permits, so you’ll have to plan for bringing that as well as your caving gear. You’ll definitely need it since there are drops up to 33 meters.

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales

Nicknamed the “Cave of the Black Screen,” Ogof Ffyynnon Ddu is the deepest cave in Britain and has maze-like passageways that could leave inexperienced climbers lost. Known as an extremely difficult caving destination, those who go the distance are rewarded with views of a stream passage that passes through black limestone and has helped form waterfalls, rapids, and scalloped walls. This cave will definitely require caving gear and isn’t for the faint of heart!

Get Geared Up Today

If you’re planning any of these trips and need to pick a few things up, or you’re just getting into your first caving experience, order from Inner Mountain Outfitters today!

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