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Industries That Rely On Our Rope Access Equipment Part 2

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When you are working at height, it’s important to find rope access equipment that you can trust to get the job done safely and efficiently. From personal escape needs to climbing gear for construction applications, industry professionals everywhere rely on their rope access tools for the best outcome each and every day. Since 1984, Inner Mountain Outfitters has proudly served as your source for trusted climbing gear, rescue gear, and any other rope access accessories needed. We’re passionate about the outdoors, and our online store is here along with our knowledgeable staff to help you find what you need.

Rope access equipment and applications are valuable across a wide range of industries. Today, we’ll continue to highlight different fields where proper rope access services are both beneficial and often necessary. When finished, be sure to shop for the mountain climbing equipment and rope access tools you need, and receive free shipping on orders over $100!

Energy Sector

In the renewable energy industry, the demand is skyrocketing for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) trained professionals who can deliver safe and efficient results for a wide range of applications. Windmills, in particular, rely on complicated equipment that is often far out of reach for traditional services. Rope access gear can provide convenient access to hard-to-reach places, especially when technicians are in the process of:

  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Regular maintenance
  • Inspections and repairs

Rope access equipment is crucial for getting technicians where they need to be without the need for scaffolding or other alternative methods.


Traditionally, structural problems within buildings at varying heights presented a unique challenge for surveyors. Today, professionals can rely on modern rope access technology to get up to height and close to the problem, as surveyors can do very little to assess problems from the ground. Alternative approaches to these heights can be very impractical, as prohibitive costs and safety concerns for the surveyors and people below can be too much to handle. Your team can perform non-destructive testing (NDT) methods to properly assess the scope of service needed for any structural deficiencies. No matter what angle or height, rope access tools can get the job done.

Rescue Operations

While there are technical differences between Rope Access and Technical Rope Rescue (TRR) methodologies, the same approach is to provide safe, time-effective services to people in need. Rescue teams will need to work as quickly as possible without compromising the safety of both professionals and the person in need of assistance. From caving to mountain climbing, there are a wide range of scenarios in which an individual can become stuck and in need of rescue. Our company provides a wide range of holsters, rescue litters, pulleys, and more to ensure that you have every tool for the task at hand. Modern innovations have made rope access easier and safer than ever, benefiting everyone involved.

If you are looking for the best rope access equipment available, or if you need help in determining the gear needed to complete your toolkit, Inner Mountain Outfitters can help. Browse our expansive inventory of rope access tools and climbing gear, or contact us today for assistance!

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