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Search And Rescue Gear: What To Pack

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When you are involved in a search and rescue, it is important that you stay safe, hydrated, warm/cool, and well-equipped so that you can be more effective at doing what you need to do. However, it is also important that you remain lightweight, as this will allow you to go farther and do more. That is why having rescue gear that was made for search and rescue operations and efficient packing is of the utmost importance.

Check with your state or region to determine what rescue gear you are required to bring as part of a SAR team, but for the most part, it should include:

In addition, depending on which climate you are in, you should also consider bringing:

  • Additional water: Especially if you are part of a SAR operation in the summer, desert, or hot weather, having extra water could save your life.
  • Extra clothes: This is always a good idea to pack, no matter where you are. Because many people tend to sweat or need to wade in water, having extra clothes will prevent you from cooling down too much or too fast when the clothes you have on get wet.
  • Climbing helmet: This is a must in mountain terrain.
  • Tent or sleeping bag: This is great if your search goes on for several days and you are too tired to drive home after a long day.

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