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Our History

Inner Mountain Outfitters (IMO) was born out of a passion for adventure gear.

IMO’s original founder, Alex Sproul, traveled the world and brought back regional wear and gear previously unavailable to the US. Established in 1984 in Virginia, IMO brought the idea of dedicated caving gear to the US caving and high-angle rescue markets.

In 2006, IMO moved to Georgia and ownership passed to Nina and Jeff Martin. The Martin’s are no strangers to the sport of caving, having been active members of the NSS and Dogwood City Grotto (DCG) for more than 14 years when they bought IMO.

Since 2006, IMO has continued to push the sport of caving and, more recently, encouraging adoption of Rope Access within the US. Their participation in SPRAT and first-hand knowledge of the needs of SPRAT trained technicians has catapulted IMO to one of the largest distributors of rope access gear and equipment.

Our Beliefs
Safety first, safety last.

We realize that our customers think of their adventures as “not just your average adventure,” but an adventure that will push them to their limits. That’s why we select the equipment that we bring to you. We choose our suppliers because we know that having equipment that you count on provides you with one less thing to worry about.

IMO Leadership

Nina Martin loves gear. This love affair started nearly 20 years ago and has grown into her life’s work.

Nina Martin has wholly embraced her passion for gear of all kinds. Nina is a passionate business owner who is ready to take on the next adventure. Her no-nonsense approach to safety and fun-loving personality draws the best and the brightest to IMO.

In addition to Nina’s ownership of Inner Mountain Outfitters, she works with Over the Edge, a company that provides nonprofits with fundraising opportunities through allowing donors to go “over the edge” of a high-rise building within a metropolitan area. She knows her gear and loves teaching others.

Besides owning and managing IMO, Nina is a  SPRAT Certified Technician and is involved in many non-profit organizations. At this time Nina is active with the Dogwood City Grotto (her local caving club), the National Speleological Society (NSS), and the Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi). She has trained through the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC), and is currently on the staff of the National Speleological Society Convention team for the Huntsville 2014 event.  

Jeff Martin has been active in the vertical world for 20 years and is the co-owner of Inner Mountain Outfitters, one of the oldest caving, climbing, rescue and rope access equipment suppliers in the Southeast. He is active in many non-profit organizations like his local grotto, the Dogwood City Grotto, Over the Edge, and the National Cave Rescue Commission. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi) , a non-profit land trust that is focused on caves and cave access.

Jeff is a gear-head or gear-guy. He is always seeking new techniques and equipment to improve his rope experience. His most recent accomplishments are earning his Level II status through the National Cave Rescue Commission and becoming a SPRAT Certified Level III Rope Access Technician. He has volunteered and worked with Over the Edge since 2010, managing the equipment, ensuring each event is fully stocked.

They have enjoyed working and playing together for 20 years, where they share a passion for any outdoor or underground adventure.They currently live outside Atlanta with their dog Murphy “The Martin Mountain Hound.”